Grille for rectangle duct

 Ventilation grill with insect screen with rectangular duct 21x14 or 14x14


Used as a supply and exhaust ventilation grille for rooms inside and outside the building. Recommended for mounting on the most popular rectangular ducts. The advantage of this ventilation grille is the mesh poured already at the production stage, which keeps the insects away from the apartment. Our unique way is to place the mesh in the design at the production stage so that it does not get dirty, does not break, does not damage and is in the color of the grille - it permanently retains its aesthetic value. The shape of the shutter directs the air "down" so that the rooms where our ventilation grille is installed do not create a cooling effect.


code name colour A B C
02-336 grill 140x140 white 172 172 11,5
02-337 grill 140x140 brown 172 172 11,5
02-338 grill 140x140 grey 172 172 11,5
02-339 grill140x140 graphit 172 172 11,5
02-340 grill140x210 white 172 230 11,5
02-341 grill 140x210 brown 172 230 11,5
02-342 grill 140x210 grey 172 230 11,5
02-343 grill 140x210 graphit 172 230 11,5






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