Metal grille with holders


Metal grille with grid. It has two holders located on the sides, which allow the grille to be installed without doweling or gluing.

The colored zinc sheet grilles are powder coated, while the silver ones are made of stainless steel.


code name size colour
02-732 grille with holders 140x140  white 140x140 white
02-732 BR grille with holders 140x140 brown 140x140 brown
02-732 CE grille with holders 140x140 brick 140x140 brick
02-732 CZ grille with holders 140x140 black 140x140 black
02-732 GR grille with holders 140x140 graphite 140x140 graphite
02-732 GM grille with holders 140x140 mat graphite 140x140 mat graphite
02-730 grille with holders 140x140 stainless 140x140 silver
02-733 grille with holders 140x210  white 140X210 white
02-733 BR grille with holders 140x210 brown 140X210 brown
02-733 CE grille with holders140x210 brick 140X210 brick
02-733 CZ grille with holders140x210 black 140X210 black
02-733 GR grille with holders 140x210 graphite 140X210 graphite
02-833 GM grille with holders 140x210 mat graphite 140x210 mat graphite
02-731 grille with holders140x210 stainless 140X210 silver
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