Grilles with shutters

grill with shutter

Grille with gravity shutters is designed to allow an air by ventilation system flow only in one way. When the fan put an air out of the building - feathers rise to make an air flow and when a fan didnt work - a feathers falls and close a flow between inside and outside to resist getting cold air, dirt and insects to the room.


code name diameter size colour
02-307 Grille with shutters Ø100 white 100 170x170 white
02-309 Grille with shutters Ø100 brown 100 170x170 brown
02-308 Grille with shutters Ø100 gray 100 170x170 gray
02-353 Grille with shutters Ø100 graphite 100 170x170 graphite
02-304 Grille with shutters Ø120 white 120 170x170 white
02-306 Grille with shutters Ø120 brown 120 170x170 brown
02-305 Grille with shutters Ø120 gray 120 170x170 gray
02-356 Grille with shutters Ø120 graphite 120 170x170 graphite
02-310 Grille with shutters Ø125 white 125 170x170 white
02-312 Grille with shutters Ø125 brown 125 170x170 brown
02-311 Grille with shutters Ø125 gray 125 170x170 gray
02-354 Grille with shutters Ø125 graphite 125 170x170 graphite
02-301 Grille with shutters Ø150 white 150 170x170 white
02-303 Grille with shutters Ø150 brown 150 170x170 brown
02-302 Grille with shutters Ø150 gray 150 170x170 gray
02-355 Grille with shutters Ø150 graphite 150 170x170 graphite
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