The dRim fan was designed for the bathroom of your dreams. Thanks to its removable panels it will be suitable to each room in your house.  You can choose from glass and polymer panels, the variety of colors will make your bathroom look chic and elegant.





01-159 Black mat plexi panel
01-160 White gloss plexi panel
01-161 White mat plexi panel
01-162 Black plexi panel
01-163 Red plexi panel
01-164 Gray plexi panel
01-165 Biege plexi panel
01-166 Blue plexi panel
01-167 Green plexi panel
01-168 Brushed aluminum panel
01-169 Aluminium gold panel
01-170 White gloss glass panel
01-171 White mat glass panel
01-172 Black glass panel
01-173 Red glass panel
01-174 Black mat glass panel
01-176 Satin gold glass panel
01-177 Satin silver glass panel
01-183 White gloss ABS panel
01-185 marble white-gold drim panel
01-186 marble black-gold panel
01-187 glass wood panel
01-188 marble pink-gold panel



01-183 Panel ABS white gloss















You can equip our dRim with back valve.

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