Round adjustable ventilation grille

round ventilation grill


Round grille, adjustable with the ability to fit the shape and size.

The ventilation grille was created for mounting on the ceiling - that is why the shape of the holes directs the air stream in a straight way, unlike the grille designed for walls, where the blinds are directed at an angle so as not to cause a feeling of cold in the room. However, this does not disqualify her from being a wall grille. Thanks to the unique design, it fits into any room - regardless of whether it hangs on the ceiling or wall. It is possible to regulate the flow of ventilated air, so it works very well in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms or laundries. Changing the air flow depending on the needs reduces the effect of cooling the room and also improves comfort. On the side of the grille there is a discreet handle, which avoids using ugly and quickly dirty strings. The back of the grill is made of a cross system of latches, thanks to which the grill can be mounted at the end of a ventilation duct of any shape within a diameters between 80-150mm. The universality of the idea solves the problem with an unusual diameter and a lack of kowlage of size.


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round adjustable grille



 kratka wentylacyjna sufitowa




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